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The Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) or Single Point Mooring (SPM) system is a buoy that performs the dual function of keeping a tanker moored and transferring fluids, from tanker to shore -and vice-versa- via a subsea pipeline, while allowing the ship to weathervane.

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Leveraging its experience in jetty-less projects, Imodco ambition is to offer ship-to-shore LNG transfer solutions to enable the development of the LNG virtual pipeline up to the most remote and complex locations.

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“We aim at creating value for our clients, building a lifetime partnership based on expertise, innovation and excellence of service. You can count on us.”

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Imodco’s After Sales Service is set up with a professional and responsive sales force supported by an experienced technical team, capable of intervening anywhere in the world.

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Innovation is part of Imodco’s DNA. As a pioneer in offshore mooring systems, Imodco, part of SBM Offshore, has never stopped adapting its products and developing new applications. Imodco also invests in digital technologies to modernize its aftersales IMR offering and deliver value added to its clients.


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